Basic requirements for indoor LED display projects

1. Suppliers provide customers with original, brand-new equipment that meets the relevant quality standards proposed by the country and users.
2. All goods must be intact and undamaged at the time of unpacking inspection, and the configuration must match the packing list. The quantity, quality and performance shall not be lower than the requirements set out in this tender.
3. The appearance of the equipment is clean, the marking number and the font displayed on the surface are clear and clear.
4. Regardless of whether the necessary components that affect the normal operation of the equipment are pointed out in the technical specifications, the supplier shall provide them and clearly list them in the bidding documents.
5. The import declaration form, certificate of origin and test report of the luminous tube must be provided before the LED display enters the site for installation.
6. If the equipment provided by the bidder is obsolete at the time of actual supply (not included in the manufacturer’s product series at the time), if the equipment fails to provide the corresponding or higher configuration at the original price, it will be dealt with in breach of contract.
7. When the bidder is actually supplying goods, if it is found that the goods provided have not gone through the import product tax payment certificate or failed to meet the relevant requirements in the bidding documents and bidding documents, it will be punished in accordance with relevant regulations.
8. The supplier shall provide 1 year of after-sales service and technical support for free after the installation is completed and the acceptance is qualified.
9. The products used must be in the same batch, not in batches or in packages.
10. The indoor LED display is a commercial requirement, and the quality and service life must be ensured
11. The purchase budget is dollar, if the budget is exceeded, it is considered invalid.

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