Centerpiece of the UoNA Dragons' Gaming Lounge

Fairfax, VA, USA

The University of North America, a leading college in the Washington D.C metro area, recently launched their flagship Esports program, the UoNA Dragons.  Located on the first floor of their Fairfax, VA campus, they host rosters in a wide variety of popular esports titles, and compete against some of the best colleges in the nation.

In an effort to distinguish themselves from the other collegiate esports teams, the Dragons decided on getting a wall-to-wall LED video wall for their gaming lounge. Program Director Bryce Joseph offered some insight on this decision in his review:`

“When I was first approached about standing up, and growing an ESports program for a University, the only thing I could think about is how to set our program apart from other Universities. How could I make lasting impressions off of aesthetics alone. I had no idea that the answer would come so quickly, that answer – was Pixel Wall.”

Pixel Wall was chosen as the supplier for the video wall for the quality, industry-leading components and its expert technical staff, along with an affordable price and prime location in the DMV area.  The wall was installed as a fixed installation with total dimensions of 16’ x 13’, and a pixel pitch of 2.5mm.  The end result was a gorgeous, high resolution wall that puts the  Dragons an echelon above the rest of their competition.