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Corporate Cultivation

Corporations need to always stay ahead of the competition to remain relevant in the ever-changing business world, either by attracting new talent or bringing more visibility to their brands. They also need tools that will inspire collaboration as well as drive productivity. Pixel Wall display technologies are investments that progressive companies make within their people and facilities—transforming corporate spaces and enhancing employee work quality.

Make an Impact

Our Pixel Wall allows corporate lobbies and auditoriums to attain a new, unique, large and dramatic impact, leaving lasting impressions on clients and employees. Individual solutions to media installations and digital canvases create excitement into corporate spaces, fostering interest and demonstrating an enterprise’s commitment to become a leader in the adoption of the most modern technology.

Visually Dazzling Branding

As a tool to inspire authentic brand engagement – visually impactful wall installations, touch screen displays, and video walls promote immersive experiences. At the same time, they are able to provide opportunities to build deeper relationships through interactive storytelling.

By implementing cutting-edge display technology in reception areas, corporations will be able to highlight their company’s talents, articulate their mission, or showcase their brand in a compelling way. In high-tech showrooms and experience centers, utilizing interactive and dynamic digital solutions provide a platform for captivating presentations and immersive product demonstrations.

Transforming Display Solutions

Innovative enterprises are embracing visionary technologies that are transforming the way people work. This includes display solutions that offer instruments for collaboration and communication—inspiring employees to work in a more astute and efficient manner.

By interacting with multi-touch video walls and displays, a wide range of collaborative functions becomes available, allowing users to manipulate and edit content and materials, while still having the capability to quickly share resources whenever needed. Having unparalleled sharpness and clarity, ultra-high-resolution display technologies prioritize quality in any company activity and emit a more efficient communicative pattern to a company’s workforce. 

Quick Benefits:

Lead the expectations in any corporate environment, stun your clients and audience with the visual effects and possibilities of Pixel Wall LED screens.

When integrated with your companies’ environment, Pixel Wall LED screens change the way visitors initially see and visualize your company and will leave lasting impressions of a professional and established company.

Create amazing showcases that demonstrate to your clients the purpose and mission of your brand and go further beyond.

Increase the visual flexibility of your company by using Pixel Wall to cater to the needs of your business, dynamically display your content and watch your business grow.

Lobbies and Reception Areas

The first location that a corporation will successfully connect with clients or visitors is their lobby and/or reception areas. Utilizing impressive Pixel Wall video walls will allow for the creation of intriguing spaces which will be able to emphasize messages in vivid detail. With Pixel Wall’s interactive touch screen displays and video walls, visitors will be warmly welcomed into involving themselves with your brand. In return, this will allow customers to have a desire to explore your company through immersive videos and stories.


Enhancing a message for audiences is the prime reason as to why corporations use auditoriums to engage with clients and employees. In these areas, audience members are inclined to experience one-of-a-kind Pixel Wall interaction. Our Pixel Wall LED video walls become eye-catching centerpieces in these venues, providing a significant tool to create immersive experiences that will inspire the audience and unite your enterprise, leaving them satisfied with their experience.

Board, Presentation and Meeting Rooms

Company board, presentation, and meeting rooms are key spaces for individuals to share constructive ideas, discuss important strategies, and make critical business decisions. In these environments, high-resolution Pixel Wall video walls are able to facilitate a team’s presentation of data and information, while still being able to provide extreme clarity. This can also support a team’s decision making process by utilizing visual aids that can complement strong communication skills.

Collaboration and Huddle Rooms

One of the more casual settings in a corporation are their collaboration and huddle rooms, designed to host spur of the moment meetings. By implementing flexible and user-friendly large format Pixel Wall display solutions, employees are encouraged to easily share content, effectively communicate ideas, and work together efficiently, ultimately improving quality and productivity.

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