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Embracing the Modern Learning Environment

Centers of Education from world renowned Universities to local High Schools are flocking to the latest trend on advancement of campus life and aesthetics to the adoption of LED video walls. Integrated within classrooms, lobbies, conference rooms, lecture halls, and student centers; the introduction of LED video walls have hit the ecosystem by storm and students are noticing. The draw of having this cutting edge technology within the learning environment is extremely enticing to students and staff as the world grows more and more integrated with the presence of technology in each aspect of every day. 

Capturing Your Audience

As the world continues to surge forward, the critically important conundrum of embracing student and global trends becomes a bigger challenge to stay actively adapted to in this ever-changing ecosystem of learning. Embracing and enhancing the student and campus environment is continuing to be an integral part of university and educational center improvements. With the ability to captivate and simultaneously incite a feeling of awe, seamless LED video wall systems engage and stimulate your attendance and student base second to none. The introduction of advanced technologies within the learning environment prove to the students that the institution is invested in providing excellent quality education and learning experience to their student-base. 

Connecting with the Modern Student

At the core of the educational experience, there are the intertwined pieces of the educational and extracurricular pieces. Each piece is extremely important to the individuals and organizations of the campus. Having a technologically advanced campus is a must in the modern era to add a strong draw for students’ interest in attending or continuing to attend the institution. The integration of LED video wall solutions into the campus space fosters each aspect of the educational experience based on the location. Located in a student center or commons area will foster an inclusive sense of community and student involvement. When placed in a highly trafficked location, the LED video wall will not only thrive with students and staff, but all the passers, promoting a connective and inclusive environment for all.

Quick Benefits:

Demonstrate your institutions ability to stay on top of the technological curve and implement futuristic LED screen technology, which will improve education experience.

Having large LED screens in the classroom enhances the engagement of students, they will be able to observe clearly and remember more content as you keep their attention.

Captivate the attention of students by using LED screen technology, you can increase the engagement of students by using your own LED screen for interactive purposes.

Having LED video walls in high traffic areas allows students to engage each other in various types of activities and content by being able to share content on LED screens.

Visitor and Welcome Centers: Lobbies and Visitor Centers

Whether entering a lobby before a conference or a visitor center before a campus tour, the first impression of an institution is very important. The ability to aspire awe when walking into a lobby or visitor center and seeing a massive LED video wall sets the entire tone for the visitors’ experience and interaction with the institution. Once that initial connection is established, it allows for the institution to have a secure foundation to build a strong relationship with their guests and students.

Athletic Facilities and Locker Rooms

The implementation of advanced cutting-edge technologies within an institution’s Training and Athletic Facilities is a major trend to compete with other institutions in order to capture top-notch student-athletes. All these unique amenities play a critical role in the student-athletes’ choice of whether or not to commit to the institution that are pursuing them. 

Having a large LED video wall as a flagship that the Training facility or Athletic facility has indirectly shows the student-athlete the value they hold, thinking “ If they invest into something like this, then they must be invested in me”. In the future, the asset of having a large scale LED video wall to bring for a team film review or a VOD review for the Esports team, or even location for hosting a media-based team event is highly impressive as well as convenient for all.

Student Centers and Student Hubs

Student Hubs and Commons are the life-blood of every campus. The congregation points in which many social and educational bonds are formed. Having a beautiful, flexible, and practical space in these points allow for students to feel revitalized within the space. As well as for the institutions to have practical space for media, such as student/campus announcements, advertising, live-display media, and news. Having a large LED video wall solution satisfies all these needs and more with the ability to brightly and vividly display all-forms of media is a dazzling array of colors.

Lecture Halls, Classrooms and Labs

Within the lecture hall space, a large LED video wall solution provides a magical array of enhancements to the educational experience. With the ability to instantly display live-feed media streams or conventional media with brilliant visibility from any location in the room. This allows for all seating locations within the lecture hall to become premium seating for any event or lecture. Due to the brightness and scale of the LED video wall solution, there will no longer be cases of barely being able to tell what is on the board or on the projector screen. This creates a positive and productive classroom environment for students to successfully learn new material.

Lecture Halls, Classrooms and Labs

Campus Safety is the number one priority for any institution. Safeguarding the students and making sure the campus is a safe and thriving environment for socializing and education is the goal for every institution. Having a Security Room LED video wall solution allows for the university to gain extra peace of mind with a cutting-edge intelligence center display system that provides centralized viewing of available campus monitoring systems. Allowing for Campus police or security to have a centralized command center for their dispatch and a birds-eye view of the campus will promote easy accessibility to protecting the lives of those.

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