Indoor LED display solution system function

Video display
(1) It can display full-color video images to realize live broadcast;
(2) It can rebroadcast cable and satellite TV programs;
(3) It can play video signals recorded by live cameras or video programs recorded by video discs or video tapes;
(4) It can simultaneously play and control the images of the designated area on the computer monitor screen, and play various forms of compressed video programs;
(5) Supports playback of various video signals output by VCR, VCD, DVD, LD and other commonly used video equipment, supports PAL, NTSC and HD-SDI, DVI, VIDEO, S-VIDEO, VGA, YUV and other terminal interfaces and others Various common input methods.
Text display
(1) It can display a variety of computer information, graphics, images and two- and three-dimensional animations, and can open multiple windows on the same screen to display a variety of information at the same time, such as videos, texts, images, animations, etc., which can be arranged at will;
(2) The display of large-scale celebrations, cultural activities, sports, background image display, news releases, notices, slogans, and advertising information;
(3) It can display all kinds of text or hypertext files, and display various fonts and glyphs that meet my country’s national standards.
Display method
(1) While displaying video information, it can simultaneously play audio effects;
(2) The video signal can be played in panoramic, close-up, and special effects;
(3) Text information can be inserted, screen turned, scrolled display; the type of text screen or scroll can be edited at will, such as moving left and right, moving up and down, page turning, rotation, flashing, color change, etc.;
(4) When displaying text information, it has the function of displaying both Chinese and foreign languages ​​on the same screen;
(5) Various programs in the form of videos, animations, pictures, texts, clocks, etc. can be displayed on the same screen by opening windows.
◆, software function
⑴ Create, open, save, save as and load the playlist;
⑵ Support the latest 10-bit color display, up to 1024x1024x1024=1073741824 colors; conventional ones can only display 8-bit colors, 256x256x256=1677712 colors
⑶ Multiple screen layouts are provided when creating a new list, and the screen layout can also be customized, which means that multiple sub-windows can play media at the same time;
⑷ Set the attributes of the list, such as whether to play by date, the start and end dates of the play, and the play time period;
⑸ The functions of adding and deleting windows, adding and deleting media, and adding and deleting time periods;
⑹ Set the position, size and background color of each sub-play window;
⑺ Set special effects for pictures and message subtitles;
⑻ Set media properties, such as setting the playback position and size of video media, special effects of picture media, special effect duration, playback duration, etc., setting the content, font color, style, background color, special effects, special effect duration, playback duration, etc. of message subtitles ;
⑼ Preview list, preview single media file;
⑽ Set the size and position of the entire playback window and each sub-window;
⑾ Set list attributes and names;
⑿ View and export the play log.
⒀ Ability to arrange text, images, and animations in “divisions” and “divisions” at will; graphics and text information can be superimposed, and the screen display can be combined at will;
⒁ Meet the requirements of “Play by time period” and “Play by frequency”;
⒂ The receiving card has temperature detection and fan monitoring output, which can intelligently control the four-way fan speed according to the upper temperature limit set by the user
⒃ Gigabit technology, real Gigabit technology, never draw frames.
⒄ Point-by-point correction, card-by-card correction function, point-by-point correction supports four correction modes of single point, 2×2, 4×4, 8×8 points, maximum correction 6144 points/module, 256 levels of red, green and blue; card-by-card correction is used for each display screen Chromatic aberration correction between cabinets, 256 levels each for red, green and blue.
⒅ 256-level brightness automatic adjustment function makes your display screen brightness more effective.
⒆ The software and control card can be automatically upgraded online without having to detach the big screen.
⒇ The maximum transmission distance reaches 170 meters, and the reliable transmission distance reaches 140 meters.

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