Indoor LED Display Video Wall Installation Plan

Preparations for the construction of indoor LED display schemes
1. It needs to meet the electricity requirements of the LED display project (the maximum capacity of 22㎡ is 14KW+2.5 KW); the customer is responsible for laying the power supply line to the display installation site
2. It needs to pass the original structure safety assessment of relevant departments;
3. LED display steel structure (including scaffolding, steel structure internal lighting, strong and weak current cables laid into the steel structure);
4. The LED display must be fireproof, that is, it has flame retardant function;
5. According to the construction period requirements determined in the contract, make full preparations for production, technology, personnel and materials, and ensure timely delivery to the designated location to complete the installation and testing of related equipment.
6. Based on the principles of contract-related technical indicators and some industry standards, formulate a detailed quality assurance plan to ensure high-quality and efficient performance of the contract.
7. Formulate strict safety assurance measures to eliminate all personal and equipment liability accidents and ensure zero accident rate during installation and construction.
8. Scientific management, orderly production, unity and cooperation, multi-party cooperation, protect the environment and original facilities, and the site is tidy.
9. Comply with the national regulations on environmental protection to ensure no pollution or damage to the on-site environment.
10. In order to ensure the realization of the above objectives, our company assigns business manager to organize and coordinate the project implementation in a unified manner; the engineer coordinates on-site and equipment installation and commissioning work, mainly responsible for structural production, edging decoration and other electrical installation work

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