Why Pixel Wall is a great choice for government contracting solutions

Federal agencies and government entities worldwide are turning to LED display solutions to provide quick and easy operation. Their duties include isolating problems, finding impactful solutions, and overall monitoring of daily operations. 

With our high-resolution video wall solutions, handling large amounts of data and maneuvering multiple video streams or computer sources become a breeze. Due to our custom solution design process, Pixel Wall displays are a great fit for many applications, including, but not limited to, a conference room, a status room, a decision table, or an office.

Making powerful and effective decisions quickly

The applications used to visualize data, manipulate multiple video sources, and other important computer applications demand top-notch display technology to produce the best visuals. With tailored solutions from Pixel Wall, real-time decisions are facilitated in mission-critical settings. 

The big picture on an even bigger display

Through seamless LED displays, the data of video streams leave no room for viewing obstacles, letting all individuals focus at times of importance. Thanks to Pixel Wall’s quality video processing technology, whether you desire to display a single desktop or multiple desktops, any and all parameters can easily be modified and configurated so the end result is the same as your vision.

The value behind personalized solutions for clients

Pixel Wall designers bring to the table a variety of solutions, providing several options for any and all desires, whether those be ease of installation, quick maintenance, or simply the most price-value display option. 

End-to-end simplicity

Because Pixel Wall is a small local company right outside of Washington DC, providing both products and services across the United States, clients appreciate the close support. From the initial design process to the final installation, customers rely on Pixel Wall’s commitment for their vision’s success.


Powerful LED screens allow various government agencies to visualize data and display media sources/applications to personnel. This allows users to focus on a main visual to improve productivity or keep track of various sources of data.

Large LED screens give you control of everything in your agency. From displaying a single screen to improve focus or displaying multiple screens to increase your visibility, the decision is yours.

Pixel Wall screens offer a variety of features that make them well suited for government agencies. Our screens are dynamic, easy to install and fix, and hold the best value on the east coast with our competitive prices for LED screens.

As a result of Pixel Wall being located in the DMV area, we are proud to offer competent services to local and statewide customers. Support will not be an issue when you contract Pixel Wall, from planning to installation.

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