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Why Pixel Wall in Museums?

Most museums, galleries, and experience centers are slowly integrating new video display technologies to grab the attention of guests and Pixel Wall is on the forefront of digital storytelling in these spaces. Designed specifically to tackle the obstacles of public venue installations, Pixel Wall digital signage solutions aim to deliver one-of-a-kind imagery and interactivity that will attract and inspire audiences while creating a lasting image for institutions and brands.

Pixel Wall offers a broad range of digital signage products and features some common characteristics that are able to set these products apart.

Dependable Products for Public Installations

Pixel Wall products are made to withstand the high demands of various different environments. From bright and clear displays to well-balanced trust stability, Pixel Wall’s products will produce high quality displays in any public venue.

Drafted for Creators

Pixel Wall’s audio and visual products are designed to depict one-of-a-kind backdrops with legendary visuals that can focus on any exhibit. Designers are able to create any draft into a real life visual with a thin-mounting structure to ensure that your wall stays in place.

Unique Interactive Experiences

Pixel Wall products also include a multitouch video wall that users are able to have real time interaction with. With our interactive Pixel Wall, users are geared to interact with moving visuals which will in turn create memorable moments for guests to be immersed in during their visits.

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