Indoor LED Display


Product Overview

Our led module series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Pixel Wall led modules are manufactured in strict accordance with relevant national standards. Every detail matters in the production of led screens. Cost control promotes the production of high-quality and low-priced products. Such a product is created for the customers’ need for a cost-effective product.

The Indoor LED brands we have available are Kinglight and Nationstar LEDs that have high reliability, dynamic contrast, wide view angles and good consistency which meets the need of high brightness, high refresh rate, high gray scale and keeps many natural colors at one time with the best color uniformity.

Indoor Flexible Modules

Product Overview

The Flexible LED Module is ultra-thin, very light and most flexible in design, showing different shapes and different effects according to different angles. Its front service maintenance has also become a popular maintenance mode. The repeated bending of flexible LED modules and continuous belt network connection make it easier to disassemble and assemble.

Product Features:

1.Module with small-unit and flexible design, makes possibility of more complicated shapes for the video show.

2.Assembling screen with soft led modules directly, saving time and effort,easy operation.

3.Magnet connection,easy to assemble & disassemble,it is frontal service maintenance.

4.No cabinet metal frame, drastically deducting the screen weight.we can design any shape of structure as you need.

5.Strict quality control and long-term application experience verified the stability and excellent performance by using Epistar LED, and MBI5124 Driving IC for high refresh rate and performance.

6.Widely applied in shaped stage background/exhibition/shopping mall etc.



Product Overview

The Pixel Wall LED Panel features a unique design. It uses die-cast aluminum alloy shells to achieve the look of an ultra-light and ultra-thin module, and will soon bring people together. Its modular body design is more convenient and fast, not only firm and reliable, but also allows for quick installations. The Pixel Wall Panel achieves high refresh rates, low light and high grayscale capabilities, as well as high precision and seamless images. Its fanless and proper air flow design improves upon the shortcomings of the traditional led panel. Of course, it is important to mention the low energy consumption as compared to traditional led modules, energy conservation and environmental protection is paramount for any high quality products.

Pixel Wall Pro-Panel Series is designed to be thinner and lighter and it has a perfect 16:9 golden ratio. The front and back maintenance is more convenient and reduces labor requirements. It has three main features, high refresh rates, high greyscale and high precision. In contrast to the Pixel Wall Panel Series, it incorporates technology that wirelessly connects cabinets together.

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