Outdoor LED Display


Pixel Wall outdoor LED displays functions in all weather conditions. Pixel Wall offers a wide range of pixel spacing and size options that customers can rely on and trust. Pixel Wall can be used for outdoor advertising, signage, entertainment and more. If you want to show off with our Pixel Walls, we can light up the world for you.


What worries you most about outdoor displays? Rainy days? Hot summers?

Don’t worry! Pixel Wall’s outdoor Panel is completely waterproof. Not only that, it also functions with efficient heat dissipation. The Pixel Wall panel is made of die-cast aluminum alloy, with the characteristic of slow heat absorption. This allows Pixel Wall panels to work in any weather conditions.

PixelWall outdoor LED cabinet designs offer fashion and reliability, its product structure is first-class. It allows for proper heat dissipation and low heat absorption. With its display heat uniformity and color temperature constant, no color is fully blocked in the display, so the screen always looks great. Maximize energy usage while reducing energy consumption for your LED display’s brightness and contrast.

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