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Pixel Wall LED Video Wall Systems

Whether an event is for a sales conference or a rock concert, a political rally or an industry trade show, people will talk about them. Because of an occasion’s reliance on visual experiences, high quality visual aids become imperative. Reaching the highest standards in terms of durability, serviceability, and efficiency, Pixel Wall solutions become a top contender for providing the highest quality visual experience.

A Durable Solution

Rental and Fixed Video Walls will always look good for your event. With high brightness and an ideal pixel pitch, Pixel Wall LED display solutions will help your content shine. Not only will we produce customizable solutions for your viewing needs, we are also the most durable supplier with lock-in latches metal plates bolted to keep the wall stable as well as bring in large metal trusses to offer vertical stability to any robust wall design. 

High Speed Display

Our LED video wall display products are built for speed. While a standard LCD TV uses fluorescent backlights, an LED screen uses light-emitting diodes for backlights. Although the refresh rates are practically the same (60Hz) LED screens usually have superior picture quality. 

High Quality Display for a High Quality Event

Our LED video wall also offers a high quality display to support the normalities that occur on stage or at various different venues. With our high quality display, you won’t have to deal with annoying shadows that come along with having a projector display. At the same time, our LED video wall delivers a bright and clear resolution that is visible with any surrounding lighting, whether it be indoors or outdoors.

Quick Benefits:

In order for your events and business to be effective, an effective way to display visuals has become more important than ever before.

Pixel Wall offers LED screens in accordance with the highest standards in this expanding industry and is on top when it comes to offering competitive prices, technological support, and visual experiences.

Pixel Wall installations, rental or fixed are always extremely durable to meet event requirements, be it support trusses or customer designed metal support structures.

LED video screens offer superior video quality as compared to traditional LED television screens, while going further in offering screens in larger/dynamic sizes.

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