Pixel Wall in Retail, Digital Signage

With the onset of the internet and mobile shopping, the physical shopping experience dwindles. This makes the need for retail digital signage that much greater, amplifying the voice of the retailer to a wider audience, enticing customers to walk inside the store. As a result of this higher demand, many companies are turning to LED display technology to support the growth of their target demographic. By mixing technology-based experiences in physical stores, the many advantages that online shopping once had essentially disappeared, allowing for these new physical experiences to provide the same ease and convenience as their counterpart. Immersiveness is another important discussion when talking about digital signage, immediately elevating interactions with customers and leaving them a desire to want more.

Trusted Technology for Public Installations

Pixel Wall LED digital signage solutions provide high brightness and high-resolution displays paired with sturdy metal-frames, as well as tailored power supplies for each custom proposal, specifically designed to withstand a variety of venue environments. Our multitouch video wall also supports users with the ultimate performance and reliability of Pixel Wall.

Drafted for Creators

Pixel Wall video wall services can be designed to be the focal point of any environment. Developed as a unique and impressive background tool to support other facets of attraction, Pixel Wall is perfect for retailers looking to bolster their audience appeal in their own, creative way.

Quick Benefits:

Pixel Wall LED screens can enhance the attractiveness of retail stores to potential customers and clients. This can be done by using our LED screens as the digital signage of stores.

Using LED screens for digital signage increases the likelihood of physical stores pulling in customers by using specific appealing designs for digital signage to appeal to customers, thus getting your business noticed.

Pixel Wall digital signage installations are known to be dynamic in brightness and displayable content, we offer signage in low resolutions, and sturdy constructions perfect for retail environments.

Pixel Wall is capable of delivering LED screens in a variety of designs as well as offering constructions to match other signs in the retail area.

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