Product Warranty

Outdoor Signage Warranty

For Pixel Wall outdoor installations, we offer a 5 year warranty period as well as free lifetime telephone technical and programming support. The warranty covers all LED board parts, including but not limited to the power supplies, electronic boards, wiring and labor. Pixel Wall offers free delivery for clients with their outdoor LED screens. Each screen and module is inspected thoroughly and tested before transport to our clients to insure that product quality and lifetime is maximized. Assembly and delivery time varies from 6 to 8 weeks depending on the screen ordered. Our warranty does not cover natural disasters or vandalism, it is expected for clients to ensure that their LED screens are installed in secure locations that protect them from intrusions. We do not offer refunds on outdoor walls but Pixel Wall will assist in any way possible should the need arise.

Fixed Installation Warranty

For Pixel Wall fixed installations, we offer a full year of warranty and coverage for physical damage and technical issues. During the warranty period, Pixel Wall is obligated to travel to the location of any Pixel Wall to provide service to repair screens of physical damage and fix technical issues. After the one year of warranty is over, the customer may purchase an additional year of warranty. Additional issues and repairs that occur while not under warranty require the client to pay an additional cost for a specific repair.

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