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Redefining Your Travel Experience

Transportation hubs are huge centers for visitor traffic that are increasingly evolving to keep up with the technological updates to meet the expectations of today’s passengers. With these updates, transportation facilities will be able to improve customer satisfaction and overall experience.

New modern technology will display a variety of information and keep guests occupied during their travels. This will create an environment that informs, engages, and entertains passengers to ensure an enjoyable experience.

Informational Center for Guests

Amidst the chaos that comes with traveling, guests like to stay informed on the more up to date information. Whether it be a change in departure time, change in gate numbers, delay, etc. Pixel Wall offers an edge-to-edge display of high-resolution LED displays. This can in turn provide high quality visuals and viewing from different angles. At the same time, display technologies that are compatible with around-the-clock emergency systems can be set up to display any updates or news to guests.

An Eye-Catching Display

Due to the busy nature of most transportation hubs, many guests might not catch the small screens set up on either side of a walkway. With our Pixel Wall display, you will be able to produce vivid, high quality, and bright messages on the latest updates for all to see. This way, the overcrowdedness of the transportation hub won’t affect the wellbeing of guests.

Captivating Guests through Visual Displays

Although display technologies provide guests with information— flight numbers, departure/arrival times, gate numbers, etc. They are also able to capture their attention by offering restaurant options, local travel destinations, shopping advice and more. Transportation hubs have the ability to advertise many different events and products to their guests.

Engaging Travelers Through Art and Entertainment

A key strategy of the modern transport hub is to minimize the anxiety of travel by fostering comfort and safety among passengers, turning extended periods of downtime into positive and enjoyable experiences. Entertainment helps travelers to relax before their journeys while art installations offer immersive experiences and bring a sense of interest, community and culture to a terminal.

Large format displays and video walls can be used to show sports, performances and other programming to entertain waiting passengers. Flexible, cutting-edge display technologies can be adapted into unique configurations and architecturally integrated with interior designs as digital art installations—engaging travelers in more thoughtful ways and leaving lasting impressions.


Unique display technologies are able to grasp guests’ attention across transportation hubs through advertisements. With the use of high resolution displays and vivid visuals, internal business vendors will be able to boost their revenue streams for local businesses, tourist destinations and more.

Travel Services for Passengers

The main digital displays that passengers utilize are flight information displays (FIDs), gate information displays (GIDs), and baggage information displays (BIDs). These services provide critical information to passengers, especially when terminals are hectic and crowded. Large, durable, and clear LED displays are high demand in transportation hubs nowadays to satisfy the demanding public transportation environments.

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