2020 USA Powerlifting Virginia Winter Wrecker Competition

Ashburn, VA, USA

The 2020 USA Powerlifting Virginia Winter Wrecker Competition was a major event held at The Shop Gym, in Ashburn VA on November 14th, 2020.  The event featured competitors from all across the state, and was the site of three dozen broken national records, a record in itself.  Pixel Wall is satisfied with how the event turned out, and are proud to have our high-resolution LED video walls assist in the success of the event.


The event was organized and planned by Sabre Schnitzer, the USA Powerlifting Virginia State Chair, who commissioned three LED video walls.  Disappointed in the lack of affordable, local video wall solutions, Pixel Wall stood out as a prime candidate for this task.  After a few meetings, it was clear that our services were the best fit for the event.


Pixel Wall provided three LED video walls for the Winter Wrecker Competition: two identical walls (16’x14’) served as the centerpieces for the dual powerlifting stations, with the third (11’x8’) nestled between as the backdrop for the awards podium.  Our walls encompassed over 500sqft, with a pixel pitch of 3.91mm.


The event was a resounding success.  The walls displayed a live feed of powerlifting action in real-time, immersing the audience in the event and gave athletes a worthy platform to showcase their skills.  To the tune of this, Mr. Schnitzer provided a glowing review;


“I have worked through a dozen photographers, videographers, and other vendors throughout my years in a powerlifting meet director role.  I’ve fired practically every one of them due to their inability to meet my high level of perfection.  The Pixel Wall team is the primary exception to that trend.”


Pixel Wall is honored to have provided our LED video walls for this record-breaking event, and are proud to use our walls to empower a small business’s success.