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Illuminate Your Event with Pixel Wall

In the realm of events, it’s often the visual magic that leaves an indelible mark on the attendees’ minds. With Pixel Wall’s LED video wall services, we promise not just a display, but an immersive experience that captures and elevates the essence of your event. As the cornerstone of modern event visuals, our LED walls bring unparalleled brightness, sharp image quality, and a dynamic touch that traditional setups can’t match. Whether it’s the grandeur of a wedding, the euphoria of a concert, or the celebration of personal milestones, Pixel Wall transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, setting the stage for memories that last a lifetime.

Three LED video walls for a corporate meeting

Why Choose an LED Video Wall?

LED Video Walls are more than just a screen; they’re an experience. Here’s why you should opt for it:

  • Superior Brightness: Shine brighter than traditional projection screens, making them perfect for both day and night events.
  • Higher Image Quality: Richer colors and sharper images guarantee an immersive experience.
  • Customizable Size: Place them anywhere! Their adaptability ensures they fit perfectly into your event setting.
  • Wider Viewing Angles: Ensuring a clear view for every guest, no matter where they’re seated.

Transform Your Event with Pixel Wall

We believe in adding a visual element that can turn a simple gathering into a spectacular event. With our services, we promise to enhance a range of events including:

  • Weddings: Make your special day even more memorable with larger-than-life visuals.
  • Graduations: Celebrate academic milestones with grandeur and style.
  • Festivals: Amplify the festivity with visuals that complement the spirit.
  • Concerts: Elevate the audience experience with dynamic visuals.
  • And More: From corporate events to private parties, there’s no limit to where Pixel Wall can be.
Large vertical 20 foot tall video wall for powerlifting event
Video wall on stage and hanging video wall

Types of Installations

  • Ground Stacking: Perfect for venues with floor space, our ground stacking technique ensures a stable and robust setup. This method is ideal for events where the wall needs to be easily accessible, and the height can be adjusted based on your requirements.

  • Elevated Stacking: When you want to elevate the visual experience, literally! Elevated stacking raises the video wall off the ground, ensuring that audiences get a clear, unobstructed view.

  • Hanging: Looking to maximize floor space or aiming for a more dramatic visual effect? Our hanging installations suspend the LED video walls from above, providing a floating visual centerpiece.

  • Split Screen: Divide and captivate! With our split screen installations, you can have multiple segments of the screen displaying varied content simultaneously. It’s perfect for multi-faceted presentations or for showcasing different angles of a live event.

  • Creative Design: Think outside the conventional rectangular box! Whether you dream of a circular display, a serpentine curve, or any other unique shape, our team will bring your imaginative designs to life. We love a challenge and are always ready to transform your innovative ideas into reality.

Hassle-Free Video Wall Service Process

1. Initial Consultation: Give us a call! Share the essentials about your event – the type, date, venue, estimated number of attendees, and if you have an idea, the desired size of the video wall. We’re here to listen and understand.

2. Tailored Recommendations: Based on the details you provide, our team will offer bespoke recommendations to enhance your event. Plus, with our commitment to affordability, you’ll receive our guaranteed low-cost estimate.

3. Securing the Date: Once you’re ready to proceed and have completed the payment, we reserve the date exclusively for your event. Our calendar reflects our commitment to you.

4. Event Day Setup: On the big day, our professional team will be there, punctual and prepared. They will meticulously set up the video wall, ensuring everything is perfect. Just relax and focus on other aspects of your event; we’ve got this covered.

5. Content Integration: After the video wall setup, we’re not done yet. Our team collaborates with you to bring your visual content to life on the wall. Need multiple video windows or specific scenes? We’ll customize everything based on your specifications.

6. Event Support: Throughout your event, rest easy knowing our skilled technicians are on standby. Should any concern arise or any adjustments be needed, we’re just a call away.

7. Post-Event Wrap-Up: As your event concludes, our work continues. After ensuring all the guests have departed, we will start to break down the video wall. We believe in leaving spaces as we found them, so expect thorough cleanup.

Video wall for a house of worship
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