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2020 USA Powerlifting Virginia Winter Wrecker Competition

Ashburn, VA

The November 2020 USA Powerlifting Virginia Winter Wrecker Competition at the Shop Gym Ashburn was a huge success. Not only was the event well organized by the director and VA state chair of powerlifting, Sabre Schnitzer, but Pixel Wall Inc. also experienced wonderful cooperation with USA powerlifting. Pixel Wall Inc. appreciates the privilege to present exciting moments to the lifters and spectators with the high-resolution LED video walls. 

In the Winter Wrecker Powerlifting 2020 Meet, Pixel Wall was able to install three walls in a venue, which were 16*14ft, 11*8ft, 16*14ft respectively. Pixel wall managed to install a total of over 550 square feet of video walls within just 24 hours. With numerous regional and national records, these video walls provided splendid views for the audience while displaying in such a modernized and convenient way. Each spectacular moment was captured by pixels. Each pixel built up and collected the joy of the event to the audience.

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