Dreamville - Six Degrees

Raleigh, NC

In March of 2023, the CAM Raleigh contemporary art and design museum hosted an art exhibition, organized by Six Degrees, a marketing team based in Atlanta, GA, and commissioned by Amazon Music. This exhibition was dedicated to celebrating “50 and Forever,” an event honoring hip-hop’s 50-year impact on music and culture. Curated by Rotation, the program paid homage to the genre’s legacy and upcoming trailblazers. The exhibit featured a range of interactive art pieces, including photoshoot setups, record players showcasing influential hip-hop albums, customizable t-shirts, and professional DJ tutoring and experimentation. Central to the immersive experience was Pixel Wall, which provided a vibrant LED video wall. The high-definition screen displayed a promotional video from Amazon Music, captivating the audience with its vivid colors and precision. This dynamic display added a vibrant atmosphere to the exhibit, harmonizing all the elements into a cohesive and visually striking art installation. Pixel Wall stands ready to enhance your own experiences, elevating them to unprecedented levels of creativity and engagement.

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