Easter Sunday at the King's Chapel

Clifton, VA, USA

The King’s Chapel is a house of worship located in Fairfax, VA.  They offer weekly worships within their congregation, and host a number of community events and gatherings.  Due to COVID related restrictions, the capacity of their worship space was limited, and there were worries of not being able to provide an Easter Sunday service for their entire community.

To alleviate this, Pixel Wall provided a rental video wall. The video wall consisted of P3.91 video panels, specially prepared for outdoor events, arranged in a 13’ x 8’ configuration.  This resulted in a modestly sized viewing experience, situated on the exterior of their building, facing a patch of grass designated as overflow viewing.

Considering the importance of Easter to this church, we are proud to have provided a wall that ensured no one was left behind in their community, and contributed to their celebration of the holiday.