Hope Chinese School - 30th Anniversary

Falls Church, VA

In December of 2023, at a local high school in Falls Church, VA, an event was held celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Hope Chinese School. The event was an evening filled with special performances to commemorate 30 years of development from the founding of Hope Chinese School in 1993. The ceremonious cultural evening, directed by Ms. Tan Ying, showcased diverse talents of Hope Chinese School teachers through singing, dancing, opera, sketches, and poetry recitations. The audience was immersed in a world of passion and creativity, witnessing unique interpretations of the school’s thirty-year spiritual heritage. The immersion was enhanced by the bright and beautiful colors displayed by the LED video wall Pixel Wall provided. Our video wall allowed for beautiful and stunning graphics to be displayed all around the performers, creating an almost magical environment of color, music, and show. 

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