Flip Chip

Flip Chip What is Flip Chip? The term “flip chip” refers to a method of semiconductor device assembly in which the chip, or die, is “flipped” so that the face of the chip, which contains the active elements, is attached to the substrate or circuit board. The connections are made via bumps, or solder balls, […]

SMD (Surface Mount Device)

SMD (Surface Mount Device) What is SMD? SMD stands for Surface-Mount Device, a method in which components are mounted directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). In the context of LED video walls, an SMD LED is a package that contains red, green, and blue diodes all in one. These are typically combined […]

SMD and COB Comparison

SMD and COB Comparison History: SMD: This technology has been around for quite a while. It started with individual LEDs (one for each red, green, and blue) being packaged into one case, which then were soldered onto circuit boards. Over time, SMD technology advanced, with pixel pitches (distance from the center of one pixel to […]

COB (Chip on Board)

COB (Chip on Board) COB (Chip on Board) technology is becoming increasingly popular in the LED video wall industry for a number of reasons. Here’s how it is used: 1. Enhanced Picture Quality: COB technology allows for a much smaller pixel pitch compared to conventional SMD (Surface Mount Device) technology. This means the LEDs are […]

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