Gold Wire VS. Copper Wire

Gold Wire vs. Copper Wire In LED manufacturing, as well as in many other microelectronics applications, gold and copper wires are commonly used to connect the semiconductor die to the lead frame in the package. These materials have different characteristics that can influence their suitability for certain applications. Here’s a comparison: Gold Wire – Pros: […]

SMD and COB Comparison

SMD and COB Comparison History: SMD: This technology has been around for quite a while. It started with individual LEDs (one for each red, green, and blue) being packaged into one case, which then were soldered onto circuit boards. Over time, SMD technology advanced, with pixel pitches (distance from the center of one pixel to […]

Explore Space With Taikonauts

Previous Next Explore Space With Taikonauts Washington, DC Taikonauts meeting session was held to inspire future generations’ interest in space exploration. Former NASA astronauts, Donald A. Thomas and Barbara Morgan were invited as guest speakers to answer intriguing questions brought by elementary to high school students. Special message from Space X, brought by Elon Musk, […]

Place of Worship

LED Video Wall for House of Worship

Place of Worship Previous Next Amplify Your Service Many houses of worship have an ambition for higher engagement and attracting new members, of which a larger number are turning to a more visual perspective to inspire participation. Having such a focus being designated towards the entertainment aspects of worship, the cinematic developments of service grow […]


Government Previous Next Why you should select Pixel Wall for Government Contracting Federal agencies and government entities worldwide are turning to LED display solutions to provide quick and easy collaboration. Other key processes include isolating problems, finding impactful solutions, and the overall monitoring of daily operations.  With our high-resolution video wall solutions, handling big data […]


Transportation Previous Next Redefining Your Travel Experience Transportation hubs are huge centers for visitor traffic that are increasingly evolving to keep up with the technological updates to meet the expectations of today’s passengers. With these updates, transportation facilities will be able to improve customer satisfaction and overall experience. New modern technology will display a variety […]


Education Previous Next Embracing the Modern Learning Environment Centers of Education from world renowned Universities to local High Schools are flocking to the latest trend on advancement of campus life and aesthetics to the adoption of LED video walls. Integrated within classrooms, lobbies, conference rooms, lecture halls, and student centers; the introduction of LED video […]


Retail Previous Next Pixel Wall in Retail, Digital Signage With the onset of the internet and mobile shopping, the physical shopping experience dwindles. This makes the need for retail digital signage that much greater, amplifying the voice of the retailer to a wider audience, enticing customers to walk inside the store. As a result of […]


Rental/Staging Previous Next Pixel Wall LED Video Wall Systems Whether an event is for a sales conference or a rock concert, a political rally or an industry trade show, people will talk about them. Because of an occasion’s reliance on visual experiences, high quality visual aids become imperative. Reaching the highest standards in terms of […]


Corporation Previous Next Corporate Cultivation Corporations need to always stay ahead of the competition to remain relevant in the ever-changing business world, either by attracting new talent or bringing more visibility to their brands. They also need tools that will inspire collaboration as well as drive productivity. Pixel Wall display technologies are investments that progressive […]

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