Case Studies

Explore Space With Taikonauts


Explore Space With Taikonauts

Washington, DC

Taikonauts meeting session was held to inspire future generations’ interest in space exploration. Former NASA astronauts, Donald A. Thomas and Barbara Morgan were invited as guest speakers to answer intriguing questions brought by elementary to high school students. Special message from Space X, brought by Elon Musk, prompted students to engage in the session and stimulated their further interest in STEM studies. Pixel Wall LED wall fully delivered the truest effects of space operation demonstrations. 

Considering viewing effects of hundreds of audiences, Pixel Wall designed a 26’x10’ main screen along with two hanging screens. In combining efforts with the operation team, Pixel Wall brought immersive experience to both in person and online audiences which aspired engagement among all participants. From sports and musical events to technological events services, Pixel Wall is enhancing experiences for audiences in all types of fields. 

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Place of Worship

Place of Worship


Amplify Your Service

Many houses of worship have an ambition for higher engagement and attracting new members, of which a larger number are turning to a more visual perspective to inspire participation.

Having such a focus being designated towards the entertainment aspects of worship, the cinematic developments of service grow in importance. Through unparalleled imagery, produced by the latest Pixel Wall digital display technology, any acoustics will be complemented, whether created by a band or choir. By creating close companionship between the audio and the visual, the audience will be entranced, all the while stimulating an individual’s personal experiences, leaving a deep impression with congregations.

Captivate a Larger Audience with Vivid Detail

Pixel Wall LED video walls to provide exceptional quality and performance, creating breathtaking graphics, legible text, and supporting the intent of a place of worship to impact the greatest number of people. For example, when lyrics are crystal clear, the congregation is more likely to participate with songs. The content becomes more powerful, and messages more memorable when paired with a unique digital display solution.

Support Community Growth

Being a cornerstone of the community, a place of worship encouraging high levels of participation will enhance the social network between members. By utilizing Pixel Wall display technology, a prime instrument for information sharing, opportunities for growth and increasing engagement are created.

A Promise for a Better Tomorrow

By including Pixel Wall digital technology investments into the foundation of the place of worship, a commitment to the future is developed. Because of how new this technology is, there is a direct appeal to a younger audience as they seek new experiences, allowing digital displays to help retain and increase the audience. All the while impacting the new generation, video walls continue to enhance worship endeavors for all segments of the congregation.

Quick Benefits:

Easily display powerful content for close or far viewing

Help create the feeling of intimacy in a large congregation

Solution design enables display applications from the sanctuary to the foyer to classrooms and meeting spaces

Encourage engagement by showcasing passages, song lyrics, and video content on a seamless video wall

Solutions are designed to easily replace front projection

Large Sanctuaries

Ambient lighting in expansive sanctuaries requires bright and sharp displays to provide ideal readability throughout the space and not interfere with the communication of the message. With vibrant Pixel Wall displays that offer wide viewing angles, maximum color depth, and brightness uniformity, sanctuaries can overcome the challenges of a well-lit area and ensure the best viewing experience for the entire congregation.

Worship Centers

For those smaller worship centers who broadcast live video streams from the main sanctuary to smaller worship areas, such as multi-purpose gyms, chapels, student centers or other similar places, Pixel Wall digital displays extend the reach of the worship service by reaching broader audiences and spreading the good word even farther.


Having Pixel Wall digital signage at the welcome desk, leading members of the community can showcase announcements, as well as easily update messages and information to keep the congregation informed and involved. Another application in a lobby space would be having artistic Pixel Wall video wall installations, which would be used to provide information in a unique way while being used to create interest and expression. 

Classrooms/Meeting rooms

By utilizing wall-mounted Pixel Wall digital displays, classrooms and meeting rooms will be able to increase their efficiency in providing a wide array of information and materials to an audience or collaborative group. Pixel Wall touch displays located in such spaces support the educational mission of a house of worship by engaging in an interactive learning experience.

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Why you should select Pixel Wall for Government Contracting

Federal agencies and government entities worldwide are turning to LED display solutions to provide quick and easy collaboration. Other key processes include isolating problems, finding impactful solutions, and the overall monitoring of daily operations. 

With our high-resolution video wall solutions, handling big data and maneuvering multiple video streams or computer sources become a breeze. Due to our tailored solution design process, Pixel Wall display technology is a great fit for many applications, including, but not limited to, a conference room, a situation room, a decision theater, or an office.

Making Powerful and Effective Decisions Efficiently

The applications used to visualize big data, manipulate multiple video sources, and other important computer applications demand top-notch display technology to produce the best visual experience. With tailored solutions from Pixel Wall, real-time decisions are facilitated in mission-critical settings. 

The Big Picture on an even Bigger Display

Through seamless LED displays, the audience and the data of video streams on-screen leave no room for viewing obstacles, letting each individual focus on critical decisions at times of importance. As a result of Pixel Wall’s high-quality video processing technology, whether you desire to display a single desktop window or multiple desktops, any and all parameters can easily be modified and configured so that the end result is the same as your vision.

The Value behind Custom and Personalized Solutions for Clients

Pixel Wall designers bring to the table a variety of solutions, providing several options for any and all desires, whether those be ease of installation, quick maintenance, or simply the most price-value display option. 

End-To-End Simplicity

Because Pixel Wall is a small local company right outside of Washington, D.C. providing both United Stated products and services across the country, clients enjoy local support. From the initial design process to the final installation, customers rely on Pixel Wall’s commitment to their vision’s success.

Quick Benefits:

Powerful LED screens allow various government agencies to visualize big data, display media sources and applications to personnel. This allows users to focus on a main visual to improve productivity or keep track of various sources of data.

Large LED screens give you control of what is happening in your agency. From displaying a single screen to improve focus or displaying multiple screens to increase flexibility, the decision is your and very dynamic.

PixelWall screens offer a variety of features that make construction effective for government agencies. Our screens are dynamic, easy to install and fix, and the best value on the east coast with our competitive prices for LED screens.

As a result of PixelWall being located in the DMV area, we are proud to offer competent services to local and statewide customers. Support will not be an issue when you request your PixelWall, from design to implementation.

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Redefining Your Travel Experience

Transportation hubs are huge centers for visitor traffic that are increasingly evolving to keep up with the technological updates to meet the expectations of today’s passengers. With these updates, transportation facilities will be able to improve customer satisfaction and overall experience.

New modern technology will display a variety of information and keep guests occupied during their travels. This will create an environment that informs, engages, and entertains passengers to ensure an enjoyable experience.

Informational Center for Guests

Amidst the chaos that comes with traveling, guests like to stay informed on the more up to date information. Whether it be a change in departure time, change in gate numbers, delay, etc. Pixel Wall offers an edge-to-edge display of high-resolution LED displays. This can in turn provide high quality visuals and viewing from different angles. At the same time, display technologies that are compatible with around-the-clock emergency systems can be set up to display any updates or news to guests.

An Eye-Catching Display

Due to the busy nature of most transportation hubs, many guests might not catch the small screens set up on either side of a walkway. With our Pixel Wall display, you will be able to produce vivid, high quality, and bright messages on the latest updates for all to see. This way, the overcrowdedness of the transportation hub won’t affect the wellbeing of guests.

Captivating Guests through Visual Displays

Although display technologies provide guests with information— flight numbers, departure/arrival times, gate numbers, etc. They are also able to capture their attention by offering restaurant options, local travel destinations, shopping advice and more. Transportation hubs have the ability to advertise many different events and products to their guests.

Engaging Travelers Through Art and Entertainment

A key strategy of the modern transport hub is to minimize the anxiety of travel by fostering comfort and safety among passengers, turning extended periods of downtime into positive and enjoyable experiences. Entertainment helps travelers to relax before their journeys while art installations offer immersive experiences and bring a sense of interest, community and culture to a terminal.

Large format displays and video walls can be used to show sports, performances and other programming to entertain waiting passengers. Flexible, cutting-edge display technologies can be adapted into unique configurations and architecturally integrated with interior designs as digital art installations—engaging travelers in more thoughtful ways and leaving lasting impressions.


Unique display technologies are able to grasp guests’ attention across transportation hubs through advertisements. With the use of high resolution displays and vivid visuals, internal business vendors will be able to boost their revenue streams for local businesses, tourist destinations and more.

Travel Services for Passengers

The main digital displays that passengers utilize are flight information displays (FIDs), gate information displays (GIDs), and baggage information displays (BIDs). These services provide critical information to passengers, especially when terminals are hectic and crowded. Large, durable, and clear LED displays are high demand in transportation hubs nowadays to satisfy the demanding public transportation environments.

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Embracing the Modern Learning Environment

Centers of Education from world renowned Universities to local High Schools are flocking to the latest trend on advancement of campus life and aesthetics to the adoption of LED video walls. Integrated within classrooms, lobbies, conference rooms, lecture halls, and student centers; the introduction of LED video walls have hit the ecosystem by storm and students are noticing. The draw of having this cutting edge technology within the learning environment is extremely enticing to students and staff as the world grows more and more integrated with the presence of technology in each aspect of every day. 

Capturing Your Audience

As the world continues to surge forward, the critically important conundrum of embracing student and global trends becomes a bigger challenge to stay actively adapted to in this ever-changing ecosystem of learning. Embracing and enhancing the student and campus environment is continuing to be an integral part of university and educational center improvements. With the ability to captivate and simultaneously incite a feeling of awe, seamless LED video wall systems engage and stimulate your attendance and student base second to none. The introduction of advanced technologies within the learning environment prove to the students that the institution is invested in providing excellent quality education and learning experience to their student-base. 

Connecting with the Modern Student

At the core of the educational experience, there are the intertwined pieces of the educational and extracurricular pieces. Each piece is extremely important to the individuals and organizations of the campus. Having a technologically advanced campus is a must in the modern era to add a strong draw for students’ interest in attending or continuing to attend the institution. The integration of LED video wall solutions into the campus space fosters each aspect of the educational experience based on the location. Located in a student center or commons area will foster an inclusive sense of community and student involvement. When placed in a highly trafficked location, the LED video wall will not only thrive with students and staff, but all the passers, promoting a connective and inclusive environment for all.

Quick Benefits:

Demonstrate your institutions ability to stay on top of the technological curve and implement futuristic LED screen technology, which will improve education experience.

Having large LED screens in the classroom enhances the engagement of students, they will be able to observe clearly and remember more content as you keep their attention.

Captivate the attention of students by using LED screen technology, you can increase the engagement of students by using your own LED screen for interactive purposes.

Having LED video walls in high traffic areas allows students to engage each other in various types of activities and content by being able to share content on LED screens.

Visitor and Welcome Centers: Lobbies and Visitor Centers

Whether entering a lobby before a conference or a visitor center before a campus tour, the first impression of an institution is very important. The ability to aspire awe when walking into a lobby or visitor center and seeing a massive LED video wall sets the entire tone for the visitors’ experience and interaction with the institution. Once that initial connection is established, it allows for the institution to have a secure foundation to build a strong relationship with their guests and students.

Athletic Facilities and Locker Rooms

The implementation of advanced cutting-edge technologies within an institution’s Training and Athletic Facilities is a major trend to compete with other institutions in order to capture top-notch student-athletes. All these unique amenities play a critical role in the student-athletes’ choice of whether or not to commit to the institution that are pursuing them. 

Having a large LED video wall as a flagship that the Training facility or Athletic facility has indirectly shows the student-athlete the value they hold, thinking “ If they invest into something like this, then they must be invested in me”. In the future, the asset of having a large scale LED video wall to bring for a team film review or a VOD review for the Esports team, or even location for hosting a media-based team event is highly impressive as well as convenient for all.

Student Centers and Student Hubs

Student Hubs and Commons are the life-blood of every campus. The congregation points in which many social and educational bonds are formed. Having a beautiful, flexible, and practical space in these points allow for students to feel revitalized within the space. As well as for the institutions to have practical space for media, such as student/campus announcements, advertising, live-display media, and news. Having a large LED video wall solution satisfies all these needs and more with the ability to brightly and vividly display all-forms of media is a dazzling array of colors.

Lecture Halls, Classrooms and Labs

Within the lecture hall space, a large LED video wall solution provides a magical array of enhancements to the educational experience. With the ability to instantly display live-feed media streams or conventional media with brilliant visibility from any location in the room. This allows for all seating locations within the lecture hall to become premium seating for any event or lecture. Due to the brightness and scale of the LED video wall solution, there will no longer be cases of barely being able to tell what is on the board or on the projector screen. This creates a positive and productive classroom environment for students to successfully learn new material.

Lecture Halls, Classrooms and Labs

Campus Safety is the number one priority for any institution. Safeguarding the students and making sure the campus is a safe and thriving environment for socializing and education is the goal for every institution. Having a Security Room LED video wall solution allows for the university to gain extra peace of mind with a cutting-edge intelligence center display system that provides centralized viewing of available campus monitoring systems. Allowing for Campus police or security to have a centralized command center for their dispatch and a birds-eye view of the campus will promote easy accessibility to protecting the lives of those.

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Pixel Wall in Retail, Digital Signage

With the onset of the internet and mobile shopping, the physical shopping experience dwindles. This makes the need for retail digital signage that much greater, amplifying the voice of the retailer to a wider audience, enticing customers to walk inside the store. As a result of this higher demand, many companies are turning to LED display technology to support the growth of their target demographic. By mixing technology-based experiences in physical stores, the many advantages that online shopping once had essentially disappeared, allowing for these new physical experiences to provide the same ease and convenience as their counterpart. Immersiveness is another important discussion when talking about digital signage, immediately elevating interactions with customers and leaving them a desire to want more.

Trusted Technology for Public Installations

Pixel Wall LED digital signage solutions provide high brightness and high-resolution displays paired with sturdy metal-frames, as well as tailored power supplies for each custom proposal, specifically designed to withstand a variety of venue environments. Our multitouch video wall also supports users with the ultimate performance and reliability of Pixel Wall.

Drafted for Creators

Pixel Wall video wall services can be designed to be the focal point of any environment. Developed as a unique and impressive background tool to support other facets of attraction, Pixel Wall is perfect for retailers looking to bolster their audience appeal in their own, creative way.

Quick Benefits:

Pixel Wall LED screens can enhance the attractiveness of retail stores to potential customers and clients. This can be done by using our LED screens as the digital signage of stores.

Using LED screens for digital signage increases the likelihood of physical stores pulling in customers by using specific appealing designs for digital signage to appeal to customers, thus getting your business noticed.

Pixel Wall digital signage installations are known to be dynamic in brightness and displayable content, we offer signage in low resolutions, and sturdy constructions perfect for retail environments.

Pixel Wall is capable of delivering LED screens in a variety of designs as well as offering constructions to match other signs in the retail area.

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Pixel Wall LED Video Wall Systems

Whether an event is for a sales conference or a rock concert, a political rally or an industry trade show, people will talk about them. Because of an occasion’s reliance on visual experiences, high quality visual aids become imperative. Reaching the highest standards in terms of durability, serviceability, and efficiency, Pixel Wall solutions become a top contender for providing the highest quality visual experience.

A Durable Solution

Rental and Fixed Video Walls will always look good for your event. With high brightness and an ideal pixel pitch, Pixel Wall LED display solutions will help your content shine. Not only will we produce customizable solutions for your viewing needs, we are also the most durable supplier with lock-in latches metal plates bolted to keep the wall stable as well as bring in large metal trusses to offer vertical stability to any robust wall design. 

High Speed Display

Our LED video wall display products are built for speed. While a standard LCD TV uses fluorescent backlights, an LED screen uses light-emitting diodes for backlights. Although the refresh rates are practically the same (60Hz) LED screens usually have superior picture quality. 

High Quality Display for a High Quality Event

Our LED video wall also offers a high quality display to support the normalities that occur on stage or at various different venues. With our high quality display, you won’t have to deal with annoying shadows that come along with having a projector display. At the same time, our LED video wall delivers a bright and clear resolution that is visible with any surrounding lighting, whether it be indoors or outdoors.

Quick Benefits:

In order for your events and business to be effective, an effective way to display visuals has become more important than ever before.

Pixel Wall offers LED screens in accordance with the highest standards in this expanding industry and is on top when it comes to offering competitive prices, technological support, and visual experiences.

Pixel Wall installations, rental or fixed are always extremely durable to meet event requirements, be it support trusses or customer designed metal support structures.

LED video screens offer superior video quality as compared to traditional LED television screens, while going further in offering screens in larger/dynamic sizes.

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Corporate Cultivation

Corporations need to always stay ahead of the competition to remain relevant in the ever-changing business world, either by attracting new talent or bringing more visibility to their brands. They also need tools that will inspire collaboration as well as drive productivity. Pixel Wall display technologies are investments that progressive companies make within their people and facilities—transforming corporate spaces and enhancing employee work quality.

Make an Impact

Our Pixel Wall allows corporate lobbies and auditoriums to attain a new, unique, large and dramatic impact, leaving lasting impressions on clients and employees. Individual solutions to media installations and digital canvases create excitement into corporate spaces, fostering interest and demonstrating an enterprise’s commitment to become a leader in the adoption of the most modern technology.

Visually Dazzling Branding

As a tool to inspire authentic brand engagement – visually impactful wall installations, touch screen displays, and video walls promote immersive experiences. At the same time, they are able to provide opportunities to build deeper relationships through interactive storytelling.

By implementing cutting-edge display technology in reception areas, corporations will be able to highlight their company’s talents, articulate their mission, or showcase their brand in a compelling way. In high-tech showrooms and experience centers, utilizing interactive and dynamic digital solutions provide a platform for captivating presentations and immersive product demonstrations.

Transforming Display Solutions

Innovative enterprises are embracing visionary technologies that are transforming the way people work. This includes display solutions that offer instruments for collaboration and communication—inspiring employees to work in a more astute and efficient manner.

By interacting with multi-touch video walls and displays, a wide range of collaborative functions becomes available, allowing users to manipulate and edit content and materials, while still having the capability to quickly share resources whenever needed. Having unparalleled sharpness and clarity, ultra-high-resolution display technologies prioritize quality in any company activity and emit a more efficient communicative pattern to a company’s workforce. 

Quick Benefits:

Lead the expectations in any corporate environment, stun your clients and audience with the visual effects and possibilities of Pixel Wall LED screens.

When integrated with your companies’ environment, Pixel Wall LED screens change the way visitors initially see and visualize your company and will leave lasting impressions of a professional and established company.

Create amazing showcases that demonstrate to your clients the purpose and mission of your brand and go further beyond.

Increase the visual flexibility of your company by using Pixel Wall to cater to the needs of your business, dynamically display your content and watch your business grow.

Lobbies and Reception Areas

The first location that a corporation will successfully connect with clients or visitors is their lobby and/or reception areas. Utilizing impressive Pixel Wall video walls will allow for the creation of intriguing spaces which will be able to emphasize messages in vivid detail. With Pixel Wall’s interactive touch screen displays and video walls, visitors will be warmly welcomed into involving themselves with your brand. In return, this will allow customers to have a desire to explore your company through immersive videos and stories.


Enhancing a message for audiences is the prime reason as to why corporations use auditoriums to engage with clients and employees. In these areas, audience members are inclined to experience one-of-a-kind Pixel Wall interaction. Our Pixel Wall LED video walls become eye-catching centerpieces in these venues, providing a significant tool to create immersive experiences that will inspire the audience and unite your enterprise, leaving them satisfied with their experience.

Board, Presentation and Meeting Rooms

Company board, presentation, and meeting rooms are key spaces for individuals to share constructive ideas, discuss important strategies, and make critical business decisions. In these environments, high-resolution Pixel Wall video walls are able to facilitate a team’s presentation of data and information, while still being able to provide extreme clarity. This can also support a team’s decision making process by utilizing visual aids that can complement strong communication skills.

Collaboration and Huddle Rooms

One of the more casual settings in a corporation are their collaboration and huddle rooms, designed to host spur of the moment meetings. By implementing flexible and user-friendly large format Pixel Wall display solutions, employees are encouraged to easily share content, effectively communicate ideas, and work together efficiently, ultimately improving quality and productivity.

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Why Pixel Wall in Museums?

Most museums, galleries, and experience centers are slowly integrating new video display technologies to grab the attention of guests and Pixel Wall is on the forefront of digital storytelling in these spaces. Designed specifically to tackle the obstacles of public venue installations, Pixel Wall digital signage solutions aim to deliver one-of-a-kind imagery and interactivity that will attract and inspire audiences while creating a lasting image for institutions and brands.

Pixel Wall offers a broad range of digital signage products and features some common characteristics that are able to set these products apart.

Dependable Products for Public Installations

Pixel Wall products are made to withstand the high demands of various different environments. From bright and clear displays to well-balanced trust stability, Pixel Wall’s products will produce high quality displays in any public venue.

Drafted for Creators

Pixel Wall’s audio and visual products are designed to depict one-of-a-kind backdrops with legendary visuals that can focus on any exhibit. Designers are able to create any draft into a real life visual with a thin-mounting structure to ensure that your wall stays in place.

Unique Interactive Experiences

Pixel Wall products also include a multitouch video wall that users are able to have real time interaction with. With our interactive Pixel Wall, users are geared to interact with moving visuals which will in turn create memorable moments for guests to be immersed in during their visits.

Case Studies

LED Video Wall Tunnel for Nuclear Science Week at The Wharf DC


Nuclear Science Week at The Wharf DC

The Wharf DC

Nuclear Science Week is an international week-long celebration to bring attention to nuclear science and its impacts on national, state, and local levels. This year, for their Evening Off The Hill Event, Nuclear Science Week hosted experts in the field at the DC Wharf to “discover what it means to Think Clean. Think Solutions. Think Nuclear.” The event was made truly spectacular by a one-of-a-kind Pixel Wall LED Video Tunnel. 

The creative LED video wall design was presented by event organizer, Elizabeth Makkai with Dufour Collaborative. In order to satisfy this unique challenge, Pixel Wall LED technicians provided a concept for NSW. The concept was first rendered in a 3D design, then models were constructed in the real world for proof of concept. For each revision of the tunnel was constructed, changes were made and the design was improved. Pixel Wall Team maintained contact with NSW event organizers via remote video sessions and constantly updated the design to meet NSW’s needs. When the final design was delivered, NSW gave extremely positive feedback thanks to the excellent communication and the excellent design. 

On the day of the event, the LED Video Tunnel was constructed by the Pixel Wall team in a timely, organized manner. The operation had been meticulously planned and the complex design that had taken weeks to develop took only hours to put up. Pixel Wall’s construction of the LED Video Tunnel is a shining example of the high-quality service one can expect. 

When posed with a unique challenge, Pixel Wall provided a unique, custom solution that not only demonstrated the ability to engineer a sleek cutting-edge design but also received high praise from both clients and guests at the event. Pixel Wall’s LED Video tunnel showcased the best of what NSW had to offer and transformed the Evening Off the Hill into a night to remember.

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