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Place of Worship

Place of Worship


Amplify Your Service

Many houses of worship have an ambition for higher engagement and attracting new members, of which a larger number are turning to a more visual perspective to inspire participation.

Having such a focus being designated towards the entertainment aspects of worship, the cinematic developments of service grow in importance. Through unparalleled imagery, produced by the latest Pixel Wall digital display technology, any acoustics will be complemented, whether created by a band or choir. By creating close companionship between the audio and the visual, the audience will be entranced, all the while stimulating an individual’s personal experiences, leaving a deep impression with congregations.

Captivate a Larger Audience with Vivid Detail

Pixel Wall LED video walls to provide exceptional quality and performance, creating breathtaking graphics, legible text, and supporting the intent of a place of worship to impact the greatest number of people. For example, when lyrics are crystal clear, the congregation is more likely to participate with songs. The content becomes more powerful, and messages more memorable when paired with a unique digital display solution.

Support Community Growth

Being a cornerstone of the community, a place of worship encouraging high levels of participation will enhance the social network between members. By utilizing Pixel Wall display technology, a prime instrument for information sharing, opportunities for growth and increasing engagement are created.

A Promise for a Better Tomorrow

By including Pixel Wall digital technology investments into the foundation of the place of worship, a commitment to the future is developed. Because of how new this technology is, there is a direct appeal to a younger audience as they seek new experiences, allowing digital displays to help retain and increase the audience. All the while impacting the new generation, video walls continue to enhance worship endeavors for all segments of the congregation.

Quick Benefits:

Easily display powerful content for close or far viewing

Help create the feeling of intimacy in a large congregation

Solution design enables display applications from the sanctuary to the foyer to classrooms and meeting spaces

Encourage engagement by showcasing passages, song lyrics, and video content on a seamless video wall

Solutions are designed to easily replace front projection

Large Sanctuaries

Ambient lighting in expansive sanctuaries requires bright and sharp displays to provide ideal readability throughout the space and not interfere with the communication of the message. With vibrant Pixel Wall displays that offer wide viewing angles, maximum color depth, and brightness uniformity, sanctuaries can overcome the challenges of a well-lit area and ensure the best viewing experience for the entire congregation.

Worship Centers

For those smaller worship centers who broadcast live video streams from the main sanctuary to smaller worship areas, such as multi-purpose gyms, chapels, student centers or other similar places, Pixel Wall digital displays extend the reach of the worship service by reaching broader audiences and spreading the good word even farther.


Having Pixel Wall digital signage at the welcome desk, leading members of the community can showcase announcements, as well as easily update messages and information to keep the congregation informed and involved. Another application in a lobby space would be having artistic Pixel Wall video wall installations, which would be used to provide information in a unique way while being used to create interest and expression. 

Classrooms/Meeting rooms

By utilizing wall-mounted Pixel Wall digital displays, classrooms and meeting rooms will be able to increase their efficiency in providing a wide array of information and materials to an audience or collaborative group. Pixel Wall touch displays located in such spaces support the educational mission of a house of worship by engaging in an interactive learning experience.

Case Studies

Easter Sunday at the King’s Chapel​


Easter Sunday at the King's Chapel

Clifton, VA

The King’s Chapel is a house of worship located in Fairfax, VA.  They offer weekly worships within their congregation and host several community events and gatherings.  Due to COVID-related restrictions, the capacity of their worship space was limited, resulting in concerns of the inability to provide Easter Sunday service for their entire community.

To alleviate this, Pixel Wall provided a rental video wall. The video wall consisted of P3.91 video panels, specially prepared for outdoor events, arranged in a 13’ x 8’ configuration. This resulted in a modestly sized viewing experience, situated on the exterior of their building, facing a patch of grass designated as overflow viewing.

Considering the importance of Easter to this church, we are proud to have provided a wall that ensured the participation of all in their community and contributed to their celebration of the holiday. 

Case Studies

Centerpiece of the UoNA Gaming Lounge


Centerpiece of the UoNA Dragons' Gaming Lounge

Fairfax, VA

As a University in the Washington D.C. metro area, The University of North America has seen a growing interest in Esports over the past few years. Seeing the benefits in pursuing future ESports industry opportunities and increasing student collaboration, UONA funded a dedicated Esports lounge on their campus. Fully furnished with high-end computers, monitors, peripherals, and even desks, the room is truly remarkable. With profound foresight, they contracted Pixel Wall to install an LED video wall to surpass other college training rooms in operation. 

The LED video wall is an enormous 16’5’’ by 6’ 8’’ fixed installation display. In an effort to distinguish themselves from the other collegiate esports teams, the UoNA Dragons decided on getting a wall-to-wall LED video wall for their gaming lounge.  With a pixel pitch of a meticulous 2.5mm and a vibrant display that rivals that of high-end televisions, the video wall provides an immersive experience for all players in their new cutting-edge training facility. 

Program Director Bryce Joseph offered some insight on this decision in his review:When I was first approached about standing up and growing an Esports program for a University, the only thing I could think about was how to set our program apart from other Universities. How could I make lasting impressions of aesthetics alone? I had no idea that the answer would come so quickly, that answer – was Pixel Wall.

Case Studies

Halloween Night at KCPC


Halloween Night at Korean Central Presbyterian Church

Centreville, VA

The Halloween Night at KCPC. Korean Central Presbyterian Church (KCPC), based in Centreville, Virginia, is an Evangelical Christian megachurch and affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America. They hold wonderful community-wide services, participate in many local events, and have a great environment for all to worship.

Due to the recent pandemic, holding community-wide events and following social distancing guidelines at the same time is a great challenge. However, KCPC still wanted to continue its tradition of community events during the Halloween Night by bringing people together.

With the help of Pixel Wall’s high-quality rental LED Video wall, KCPC was able to have a successful Halloween Night Drive-In Movie Event! Pixel Wall helped KCPC install a 9-foot-wide, 18-foot-high LED video wall with a 3.91mm pixel pitch and a 16-foot-wide, 22-foot-high truss support structure in the church parking lot. The hanging LED video that displayed films at a high altitude has brought immersive effects to the people of the church and gave them special Halloween memories.

Case Studies

Harvest Life Church


Woodbridge, VA

Harvest Life Church located in Woodbridge, Virginia. As a branch of the Global Church of Jesus Christ, Harvest Life Church offers a place of worship as well as a base for their annual School Supply Drive, Coat Drive, Thanksgiving Dinner for the homeless, and Christmas Toy Drive as well as a prison ministry.

Traditionally, the chapel relied on rear projection display technology to support its worship services and holiday events. However, with deteriorating image quality and continual viewing constraints, upgrading the projection system became increasingly important. With the help of Pixel Wall Inc., in early December 2020, Harvest Life Church had a 9.8-foot-tall, 24.6-foot-wide LED video wall with a 3.91mm pixel pitch installed. Pixel Wall’s LED video wall makes the atmosphere of every event more impressive and more prominent.

In 2001, Harvest purchased its current facility on Telegraph Road for five million dollars. This worship center was paid off in three years. They currently have over 100 ministries designed to meet the needs of men, women, children and teens, young adults, seniors, as well as singles and married couples.

Their Community Reach efforts include their annual School Supply Drive, Coat Drive, Thanksgiving Dinner for the homeless within the community, a Christmas Toy Drive, as well as a vibrant and thriving Prison Ministry.

They are currently in full construction of their new state-of-the-art 204,000 square foot worship center featuring a 4,000 seat sanctuary, large parking lots, a chapel, a gymnasium, a food court, a children’s area, classrooms, offices and so much more.

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