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2024 AA & NHPI Federal Leadership Development Conference

Washington DC, VA

In March of 2024, an event was held at the Department Of Transportation in Washington DC. The event was the 2024 AA and NHPI Federal Leadership Development Conference, hosted by the WHIAANHPI, OPM, and DOT. The event was designed to empower Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander federal employees. Dynamic sessions were held addressing workplace challenges,
the fostering of leadership skills, and promoting inclusivity. Attendees participated in workshops and interactive sessions, including mock interviews with Senior Executive Service professionals, and networked with speakers and colleagues dedicated to driving meaningful change in the federal workforce. Pixel Wall was here at this event, installing a colorful video wall that allowed for a full screen presentation displaying the beautiful vector graphics of the PowerPoint. With Pixel Wall, your presentation could transform into an immersive experience of learning, development, and networking.

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