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Daytona Beach, FL


Pixel Wall successfully executed a dynamic visual setup for a large Financial Group Training event in Daytona Beach, Florida. With thousands of attendees, the event demanded a high-quality, engaging visual display to ensure an impactful experience.

The Challenge

The event required a sophisticated audio-visual setup that could seamlessly integrate various multimedia elements for a large audience. The client needed an efficient way to switch between different visual contents, such as PowerPoint presentations and live camera feeds, without compromising the visual quality.

The Solution

Pixel Wall deployed its top-of-the-line P2.6 LED video wall panels to meet this challenge. Our team installed three LED video walls – one primary wall and two side walls – to create a panoramic visual experience. A key feature of our setup was the touch screen-based scene control system. This innovative solution enabled the client to easily switch between different media formats, ensuring a dynamic and engaging presentation.


Our professional technicians worked tirelessly to ensure a flawless setup. They remained on standby throughout the event, providing immediate assistance and ensuring that all technical aspects functioned without interruption. The ability to transition smoothly between PowerPoint presentations and live camera views, or a combination of both, was particularly appreciated by the client.

The Outcome

The event was a resounding success, marked by stunning visual displays that captivated the audience. The client expressed extreme satisfaction with our services, highlighting the quality of our LED panels and the professionalism of our crew. The seamless integration of different media formats and the reliability of our technical support were key factors in the client’s positive feedback.


Pixel Wall’s commitment to delivering high-quality visual solutions was clearly demonstrated at this event. Our ability to adapt to client needs and provide state-of-the-art technology continues to position us as a leader in the LED video wall industry.

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