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CCACC Academy

Gaithersburg, MD

The CCACC Academy, located in Rockville, Maryland, is a children’s development center located in which provides a comprehensive, year round educational experience. Their curriculum emphasizes individual growth and expression, encouraging children to push themselves in their studies, leadership, and artistic freedom.

To further enhance their artistic talents, the CCACC Academy educates students in acting, dancing, and theater.  With the intent of giving their students the best experience to develop these skills, the academy commissioned a wall-to-wall LED video wall to be a dynamic backdrop for their theatrical productions.

The video wall is a fixed installation right up against the back wall of the stage.  The total dimensions measure 22’ x 9’, for a total area of nearly 200ft2. As the client wanted a visually stunning background, the video wall boasts a pixel pitch of 2.5mm, an industry leading pixel density.  This results in crisp, sharp images, enhancing students’ performances and the audiences’ enjoyment.  The video wall is a living canvas and can serve as a creative and engaging backdrop to enhance an event, presentation or performance, which elevates the CCACC Academy’s theatrical productions to a new level.

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