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Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety - IBHS

Richburg, NC

Based in Chester County, South Carolina, the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) was formed to help coordinate emerging property insurance plans and evolved still further becoming a more robust, world-class applied research and communications organization. Within their walls, they conduct bleeding-edge meteorological research, including the effects of wind, fire, hail, and rainstorms on full-scale houses and businesses. This is all housed on their 90-acre property, where nearly every kind of meteorological research is performed. Their collected research is invaluable to insurance agencies, building material companies, and construction firms, helping the world design safer, more robust homes and businesses.
As the world moved online at the beginning of 2020 of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the researchers at IBHS found themselves treading the waters of virtual meetings, streaming, and presentation slides. With such important and valuable research information to convey to companies and policymakers alike, their current means of presenting their findings just didn’t cut it anymore.
Pixel Wall was contracted to install an LED video wall to alleviate these problems. With a large, high-definition video wall to present information from, their meetings and live streams would become much easier to set up and become a sort of center beacon for everyone. Pixel Wall installed a video wall in the broadcast room of their main building, measuring 6’3.5” x 4’2.5”. With a pixel pitch of P2, the images and data shown on the screen will be as sharp as ever, allowing for high-definition content to be shown to its fullest potential. The project manager of IBHS noted that he was impressed at the lack of glare on the LED screen from the many spotlights in the broadcast room. The video wall will make their presentations a step above the others, adding prestige to their already impressive research facility.

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