NovaStar VX1000 Video Processor Mounted Case


NovaStar VX1000 Video Processor Mounted Case

1. Self-adaptive OPT 1 for either video input or sending card output

2. Audio input and output
– Audio input accompanied with HDMI input source
– Audio output via a multifunction card
– Output volume adjustment supported

3. Low latency

4. 3 x layers
– Adjustable layer size and position
– Adjustable layer priority

5. Output synchronization
– An internal input source or external Genlock can be used as the sync source to ensure the output images of all cascaded units in sync.

6. Powerful video processing
– Based on SuperView III image quality processing technologies to provide stepless
output scaling.
– One-click full screen display
– Free input cropping

7. Easy preset saving and loading
– Up to 10 user-defined presets supported
– Load a preset by simply pressing one button

8. Multiple kinds of hot backup
– Backup between devices
– Backup between Ethernet ports
– Backup between input sources

9. Mosaic input source supported
– The mosaic source is composed of several input connectors of the same type.

10. Up to 4 units cascaded for image mosaic


The VX1000 video processor is NovaStar’s new all-in-one controller. This LED screen processor combines video processing and control functions into one box. One unit Nova VX1000 supports 6.5 million pixels. It features 10 Ethernet ports and supports Video Controller, Fiber Converter, and Bypass working modes.

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Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 21.5 × 16 × 7 in
Items Included

NovaStar VX1000 Video Processor * 1
Power Cord * 1
CyberPower CPS-1215RMS Rackbar™ Surge Protectors * 1
TP-link POE Switch * 1
Everything Mounted into ONE Case


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