NovaStar Taurus TB50 Multimedia Player


NovaStar Taurus TB50 Multimedia Player

The TB50 is the third generation of multimedia player created by NovaStar for full-color LED displays. It integrates playback and sending capabilities, allowing users to publish content and control LED displays with a PC, mobile phone, or tablet. The TB50 replaces the TB6 as the recommended multimedia player for its class.

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– Support Gigabit wired networks, stereo audio output, HDMI input mode and full-screen adaptive playing mode, and Support U-disk program import and playing.
– On-board brightness sensor interface with automatic and timed intelligent brightness adjustment.
– Application scenarios: Widely used in LED commercial display fields, such as light pole screens, chain store screens, commercial LCD displays, mirror screens, retail store screens, displays at the door, car screens, PC-free screens, etc.

– Maximum load: 1.3 million pixels
– Maximum width and height: width 4096; height 4096
– CPU: Main frequency 1.8GHz
– Storage: 1GB+16GB
– Storage expansion: support U disk up to 128G
– Video decoding capability: 4K
– Operating system: For Android 11.0
– Multi-channel video windowing: 2 x 4K, 6 x 1080P, 10 x 720P or 20 x 360P
– Sync play: √
– Synchronous and asynchronous switching: √
– HDMI splicing and playing: √ (1080P, up to 8 levels)
– Sensor access: √
– Audio output: √
– U disk local playing: √ (USB3.0)
– Wired network: Gigabit
– WiFi network: 2.4GHZ, AP&STA soft switching
– Optional 4G network: √ (4G module needs to be purchased separately)
– Optional 5G network: √ (5G module needs to be purchased separately)
– Product certification: √
– Handy/Express/VNNOX: √
– Dr. Screen/Boss Screen: √
– Nova SDK Protocol: √

Additional information

Weight 2.75 lbs
Dimensions 10.83 × 5.51 × 1.57 in
Items Included

TB50 * 1
Power Cord * 1
Antenna * 2


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