On January 27th, 2023, a company hosted a corporate conference event at the Baltimore Convention Center, focusing on entrepreneurship and networking within the industry. The event featured multiple meetings held in different rooms within the convention center. Pixel Wall played a significant role by providing four high-definition video walls, along with a tri-camera setup, 12+ speakers, microphones, monitors, and mixers. This extensive setup ensured seamless operation and captivated the attendees’ attention during the speaker presentations. Pixel Wall had dedicated technicians stationed in each room, ensuring flawless execution and offering backup support as needed. Our team at Pixel Wall is well-equipped to handle events of any size, providing top-notch equipment and skilled staff. Partnering with Pixel Wall can elevate your next event to a major level of success.


Every year, the CGCC Lunar New Year Gala acknowledges notable business figures and organizations that actively encourage communication and collaboration within the U.S.-China business communities. Attendees can anticipate witnessing award ceremonies, cultural performances, and stimulating discussions, creating an evening filled with inspiration and meaningful connections. The event typically spotlights the varied contributions of individuals and entities to the CGCC community and beyond, cultivating stronger partnerships and reinforcing the organization’s core mission. In the upcoming celebration on January 18th, 2023, CGCC will usher in the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit, honoring influential American and Chinese business leaders and companies for their cross-border cooperation and contributions to local communities. Pixel Wall played a pivotal role in the event’s success by providing an LED Video Wall. Our high-definition display showcased vibrant colors, captivating the audience and directing attention to the stage. Additionally, Pixel Wall offered video services, employing three distinct cameras to capture unique perspectives. Our onsite technicians ensured seamless coordination between the video wall and camera work. Having Pixel Wall at your event will elevate its presentation to unprecedented heights.

Hurun U30

Hurun U30 Boston, Massachusets Hurun, a research, media, and investment group dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship since 1999, hosts the annual Hurun U30 event in Boston, Massachusetts. This gathering celebrates the exceptional achievements of young entrepreneurs and leaders under the age of 30. It serves as a vital platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and inspiration within […]

Explore Space With Taikonauts

A Taikonauts meeting session was held to inspire future generations’ interest in space exploration. Former NASA astronauts, Donald A. Thomas and Barbara Morgan were invited as guest speakers to answer intriguing questions brought by elementary to high school students. A special message from Space X, brought by Elon Musk, prompted students to engage in the session and stimulated their further interest in STEM studies. The Pixel Wall LED video wall delivered the truest effects of space operation demonstrations in their fullest.

Considering the viewing effects of hundreds of audiences, Pixel Wall designed a 26’x10’ main screen along with two hanging screens. In combining efforts with the operation team, Pixel Wall brought an immersive experience to both in person and online audiences which inspired engagement among all participants. From sports and musical events to technological events services, Pixel Wall is enhancing experiences for audiences in all types of fields. 

Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety – IBHS

Previous slide Next slide Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety – IBHS Richburg, NC Based in Chester County, South Carolina, the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) was formed to help coordinate emerging property insurance plans and evolved still further becoming a more robust, world-class applied research and communications organization. Within their […]

CCACC Academy

CCACC Academy

The CCACC Academy, located in Rockville, Maryland, is a children’s development center located in which provides a comprehensive, year round educational experience. Their curriculum emphasizes individual growth and expression, encouraging children to push themselves in their studies, leadership, and artistic freedom.

To further enhance their artistic talents, the CCACC Academy educates students in acting, dancing, and theater. With the intent of giving their students the best experience to develop these skills, the academy commissioned a wall-to-wall LED video wall to be a dynamic backdrop for their theatrical productions.

The video wall is a fixed installation right up against the back wall of the stage. The total dimensions measure 22’ x 9’, for a total area of nearly 200ft2. As the client wanted a visually stunning background, the video wall boasts a pixel pitch of 2.5mm, an industry leading pixel density. This results in crisp, sharp images, enhancing students’ performances and the audiences’ enjoyment. The video wall is a living canvas and can serve as a creative and engaging backdrop to enhance an event, presentation or performance, which elevates the CCACC Academy’s theatrical productions to a new level.

LED Video Wall Tunnel for Nuclear Science Week at The Wharf DC

LED Video Tunnel

Nuclear Science Week is an international week-long celebration to bring attention to nuclear science and its impacts on national, state, and local levels. This year, for their Evening Off The Hill Event, Nuclear Science Week hosted experts in the field at the DC Wharf to “discover what it means to Think Clean. Think Solutions. Think Nuclear.” The event was made truly spectacular by a one-of-a-kind Pixel Wall LED Video Tunnel.

The creative LED video wall design was presented by event organizer, Elizabeth Makkai with Dufour Collaborative. In order to satisfy this unique challenge, Pixel Wall LED technicians provided a concept for NSW. The concept was first rendered in a 3D design, then models were constructed in the real world for proof of concept. For each revision of the tunnel was constructed, changes were made and the design was improved. Pixel Wall Team maintained contact with NSW event organizers via remote video sessions and constantly updated the design to meet NSW’s needs. When the final design was delivered, NSW gave extremely positive feedback thanks to the excellent communication and the excellent design.

On the day of the event, the LED Video Tunnel was constructed by the Pixel Wall team in a timely, organized manner. The operation had been meticulously planned and the complex design that had taken weeks to develop took only hours to put up. Pixel Wall’s construction of the LED Video Tunnel is a shining example of the high-quality service one can expect.

When posed with a unique challenge, Pixel Wall provided a unique, custom solution that not only demonstrated the ability to engineer a sleek cutting-edge design but also received high praise from both clients and guests at the event. Pixel Wall’s LED Video tunnel showcased the best of what NSW had to offer and transformed the Evening Off the Hill into a night to remember.

Dominion High School

Located in Loudoun County Sterling, Dominion High School has provided students with advanced courses and paved their way to bright futures. Following a long quarantine due to the pandemic, Dominion High School decided to hold an extravagant graduation ceremony for the Class of 2021 to make up for the year of online school during the pandemic. This is especially remarkable as the first major event in two years.

To meet up customer’s desires, Pixel Wall provided an enormous video wall with 24’ 7’’ x 16’ 5’’ in size, summing up to 400 sqft. The video wall created a remarkable experience for the audiences by making the views visible for all 2000 participants. It resolved the viewing problem of the great distance from the stage for the families who sat at the end of the large field and provided an immersive experience as if they were on stage with their graduates.

The video wall provided students a chance to keep their memories as all gathered around the screens to take pictures with the banner displayed that Pixel Wall designed, said Dominion High School Principal John Brewer. ”Faced with the challenge of hosting a high school graduation in our stadium during a global pandemic, we were very concerned about the friends and families of our guests not having a great view of the ceremony. Pixel Wall came to the rescue, installing a large LED screen that provided crystal clear images for our guests throughout the venue during the brightest, hottest part of the afternoon. The crowd loved it more than any commencement exercises in school history and Pixel Wall played a huge role in making that happen.”

Culpeper Technical Education Center

Culpeper Technical Education Center

Located in Culpeper County, Virginia, the Culpeper Technical Education Center (CTEC) is a brand new cutting-edge facility that offers courses in career-oriented disciplines for the county’s high school population. These classes, which range from automotive technology to nursing, provide students with practical, hands-on experience to enrich their skillsets and help forge a career path. After years of planning and construction, the new facility is on schedule to open for the 2021-2022 academic year.

The CTEC facility will be used by thousands of students and faculty daily. To keep the entire community connected and informed, the administration elected to have a video wall to display event information, academic notices, and others. The video wall will also be used to reach out to other organizations for partnerships to conduct future events like community gathering.

To truly cement CTEC as a beacon of excellence in the state of Virginia and beyond, Pixel Wall was chosen as the exclusive LED video wall vendor for the facility. Located in the main entrance, the video wall displays sharp and immersive images to fill their lobby. Standing at a height of 3.36m (11’) and boasting a width of 2.56m (8’4”) it is sure to command the attention of all who attend and highlight the uniqueness of CTEC.

CCACC Cafeteria

CCACC Cafeteria

CCACC was established in 1982 and has grown to become an organization with over 2500 members. As a non-profit and non-partisan organization serving the greater Washington D.C. area, CCACC consists of many clubs, programs, activities, and provides a wide range of services. For more than 38 years, CCACC has become a bridge to government services, cultural exchanges, and assimilation.

To better assist their members, the CCACC commissioned a fixed LED video wall for the centerpiece of their cafeteria, along with a suite of professional grade speakers for cafeteria and overflow halls.

Pixel Wall was selected to proudly provide the indoor LED video wall, with a height of 10’6” and width of 19’11”, resulting in a total area of 210 square feet. For a mind boggling comparison, a standard television only has a diagonal distance of 50-60”, while this installation has a diagonal distance of over 270”, that’s nearly 5x the size! The modules used in this project had a pixel pitch of P2.5, resulting in a total effective resolution of 2432 x 1280px, which overall exceeds 3.1 Million pixels.

With this immense LED video wall, there will be more thrilling and cherished memories in fully immersive events and celebrations that the CCACC can host for its members.

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