Tysons Corner Hyatt Regency Training Event Set Up

On July 9th, 2023, Pixel Wall set up a 3 meter tall 6 meter wide high resolution Video Wall over the course of 3 hours to enable a week long training event in the Hyatt Regency located in Tysons Corner, Virginia. The wall was set up with maximum efficiency while verifying each panel as it […]

DC Wharf Nuclear Science Week

On October 28, 2021, Pixel Wall provided the DC Nuclear Science Week with an innovative and unique design to fit their specialized needs. Pixel Wall created an arch design to create a LED Tunnel to showcase dynamic graphics and ideas in a revolutionary 3d environment.

Passport Week 2023

Pixel Wall Appears in DC Passport Week Passport week is an annual event hosted in Washington DC for countries to showcase their embassies and cultures. Pixel Wall provided an indoor 26’ 3” by 11’ 5” high definition video wall to a high profile embassy to create a dynamic backdrop to showcase a cultural performance. We […]

Explore Space With Taikonauts

Previous Next Explore Space With Taikonauts Washington, DC Taikonauts meeting session was held to inspire future generations’ interest in space exploration. Former NASA astronauts, Donald A. Thomas and Barbara Morgan were invited as guest speakers to answer intriguing questions brought by elementary to high school students. Special message from Space X, brought by Elon Musk, […]

CCACC Academy

CCACC Academy

  CCACC Academy Gaithersburg, MD The CCACC Academy, located in Rockville, Maryland, is a children’s development center located in which provides a comprehensive, year round educational experience. Their curriculum emphasizes individual growth and expression, encouraging children to push themselves in their studies, leadership, and artistic freedom. To further enhance their artistic talents, the CCACC Academy […]

LED Video Wall Tunnel for Nuclear Science Week at The Wharf DC

LED Video Tunnel

Previous Next Nuclear Science Week at The Wharf DC The Wharf DC Nuclear Science Week is an international week-long celebration to bring attention to nuclear science and its impacts on national, state, and local levels. This year, for their Evening Off The Hill Event, Nuclear Science Week hosted experts in the field at the DC […]

Dominion High School

Dominion High School Loudoun, VA Located in Loudoun County Sterling, Dominion High School has provided students with advanced courses and paved their way to bright futures. Following a long quarantine due to the pandemic, Dominion High School decided to hold an extravagant graduation ceremony for the Class of 2021 to make up for the year […]

Culpeper Technical Education Center

Culpeper Technical Education Center

Previous Next Culpeper Technical Education Center Culpeper, VA Located in Culpeper County, Virginia, the Culpeper Technical Education Center (CTEC) is a brand new cutting-edge facility that offers courses in career-oriented disciplines for the county’s high school population. These classes, which range from automotive technology to nursing, provide students with practical, hands-on experience to enrich their […]

CCACC Cafeteria

CCACC Cafeteria

Previous Next CCACC Cafeteria Gaithersburg, MD CCACC was established in 1982 and has grown to become an organization with over 2500 members. As a non-profit and non-partisan organization serving the greater Washington D.C. area, CCACC consists of many clubs, programs, activities, and provides a wide range of services. For more than 38 years, CCACC has […]

Easter Sunday at the King’s Chapel​

Easter Sunday at the King's Chapel​

Previous Next Easter Sunday at the King’s Chapel Clifton, VA The King’s Chapel is a house of worship located in Fairfax, VA.  They offer weekly worships within their congregation and host several community events and gatherings.  Due to COVID-related restrictions, the capacity of their worship space was limited, resulting in concerns of the inability to […]

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